3 Social Innovations


The background and substance of my method for reaching the solar plexus of learning when working with my audiences and clients can be explained by 3 “social innovations” I contributed to society and which are arising out of my efforts to transform the following privileges:

– Privilege of performer violinist

– Privilege of masterpiece of music

– Privilege of master violin (Stradivari, Guarneri)

Privilege of performer violinist

When performing for the first time in the magnificant cathedral of Chartres 33 years ago I realized that in this extraordinary architecture playing on the violin needs to expand to “playing on the cathedral”, playing on the “Macro Violin”, playing from the periphery. This idea found its “home” as the final stage of Theory U by one of today’s leading economic theorists dr. Claus Otto Sharmer. The cosequence for me  was that I motivated thousands of my audiences to share the “priviledge of performer violinist” and joined me and my collegues fellow artists, travelling with us to places of crises and transformation all over the world, co.creating over 200 intercultural festivals (IDRIART movement). The privilege of performer artist is to go beyond all tabus, beyond politics and so they played a decisive role in desolving European East-West conflict in 80’s and building costructivly on global challenges through “Art of Meeting” from Mongolia to Amazonia, Tibet to Southern Africa, witnessing pain of Dubrovnik, from Mostar to Sarajevo in 90’s and always receiving the confirmation: if we, as individuals from different cultures, meet on the inspiring Art-permeated platform – this is the window of opportunity for co-creation and response to emerging future!

Privilege of masterpiece of music

It is a wonderful and meaningful experience to listen to a musical masterpiece, but – do we really hear all complex and brilliant organic reality of many layers evolving simultaniously? Do we hear the relevance and potential solutions of the masterpiece to out daily challenges as a leader, do we even know that there is such a (paralel) relationship? Are we not, each of us, “composers” of an unique “masterpiece” called human biography? Over decades I developed a special method to “invite” my mainly corporate audience into the process of the musical masterpiece, as if going on the journey of “detour” to discover musical solutions to diverse leadership challenges. This method of “transfer” activates the creative side of my clients to find unexpected own solutions to their problems by themselves.

Privilege of master violin

What is the treatment of elements of violin which elevate “her” to the magic rang of Stradivari, Guarneri? What is the secret of “gentle power” of resonance, generated by this peak of European craftmanship design? Imagine this type of resonance in our learning organisations and developing societies! Unfortunately the conferences and “offsites” are NOT placed IN the resonance-equvalent environment of Stradivari or Guarneri! That’s why I with friends went into decades of active search and research in order to create special environments of learning where the WHOLE human nature begins to resonate! The innovative approach of creation of such places is called “Playing on the Macro Violin” (more on the approach) and is being used for the first time in Europe on Slovenian regional development programme called “Terra Parzival” as a possibility to create the environment of magic, inspiration and resonance, and through this to give the opportunity for implementation of sustainable action and change within society as a whole. This regional model will on the macro-European level also explore the resonance principle in influencing the development towards the “Polyphonic European Identity” and co.creation of the New European Leadership Style. Interested? Wellcomed to join…