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Next Step: A Better European Future

Miha Pogačnik is a man of many talents and ideas. Miha currently occupies himself with the idea of the cultural and spiritual awakening of Europe, endeavouring to bring it back to its core or more precisely to the land of the mythical king Parsifal and all he represents. Pogačnik has always been involved in various […]

DDI: Coffe on the GO with Miha Pogacnik

The renowned classical violinist shows business leaders how art and leadership are intertwined. Leadership is often described as an art because it lacks the rigor and replicability of a science. But leadership and art actually have a lot in common. That’s the message of Miha Pogačnik, a classical musician and entrepreneur who traded concert hall […]

berlin school of creative leadership presents miha pogacnik at Adfest

What does a virtuoso violin player know about creativity? A lot, according to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, which is presenting an inspirational speaker at ADFEST 2009 that promises to be one of the highlights of the festival line-up. Miha Pogačnik is a virtuoso violinist and cultural ambassador with an exceptional capacity to use […]

University of Luxembourg: Research Across Boundaries

Miha is Cultural Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, President and Founder of the Institute for Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts (IDRIART) and Managing Director of Ecoculture SECS. After completing a Fulbright Scholarship, Miha’s intellectual curiosity, joie de vivre and vision to position the arts as a driver for social change, led him […]

Focus: Was Manager von Künstlern lernen können

In der Reihe „Führungskunst“ zeigt der Solist und Querdenker Miha Pogacnik, dass Führungskräfte nur mit Inspiration, Kreativität und Leidenschaft das volle Potenzial ihrer Unternehmen ausschöpfen können. Kommunikation: Das Titanic-Syndrom Miha Pogacnik vergleicht das strenge Thema einer Bachfuge mit einem autoritären Führungsstil, der Panik hervorruft und jede Kreativität im Keim erstickt. Aus dieser Situation gibt es […]

Forum Alpach: This was mentally dangerous

Miha Pogačnik moves his arms in a quick, striking gesture and suddenly the hall resounds of a collective hum from the assembled audience. The tips of the conductor’s shoes are nearly two centimetres over the edge of the stage, as if he’s attempting to come as close as possible to even the remotest spectator. The […]

Turning managers into business maestros

“What CEO doesn’t wish his team could function like a well-rehearsed orchestra? To learn how managers can make such music, companies hire Slovenia-born concert violinist Miha Pogačnik. For a song (O.K., for $16,000 a day), Pogačnik, based in Hamburg, teaches executives at companies such as Oracle how musical compositions are organized and ways to apply […]