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A journey towards a polyphonic European identity. The overall strategy of this project is to profile and crystallize, through the very specific method of Miha Pogacnik, violinist and cultural ambassador of the republic of Slovenia, the unique cultural qualities of EU membership seeking western Balkans countries. Passing through Slovenia, the results are then introduced in […]

The Orchestra Experience

Participants will be sitted among the players of Terra Parzival Symphony Orchestra and experience the process and performance of Beethoven Violin Concerto Op 61, violinist Miha Pogacnik (www.mihavision.com ) , conductor Elmar Lampson, President of www.hfmt-hamburg.de . Miha will, through his method of “performance disruption”, guide the participant’s attention to the archetypal “musical architecture of feelings”, exploring unique […]

Highlights from Miha Pogacnik’s global transformational journey in 2015

Looking back on adventurous 2015, let me share with you some highlights starting with the last…. Bringing Masterpieces to life at the corporate podiums worldwide I again delivered, as every year, a Leadership Resonance Masterclass® – workshop style learning module for the BOSCH Gmbh leaders in Berlin. Because of relatively small group of VP level […]