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Resonance Platform – A New Method in Leadership Skills Building

This interactive coaching and educational method for creation of  “safe” places for open communication was developed by Miha Pogacnik and is based on a) use of formative forces of high art and culture (especially music and visual arts) as stimulus addressing emotional intelligence and creativity within each participant and b) Chladny effect  (a well known […]

With Art to Better Management

March 2014 – 1st Issue of Change Magazine (ICG, Austria) A new article about Miha Pogačnik featuring his views on change management, leading form future, use of formative forces of art for creation of high resonance platforms and other innovations Miha uses in his consultancy and inspirational work with business people aroud the globe. Read […]

MBA, Master of Business ARTS

What is this unique and haunting quality  that can be experienced if we open up to the musical process of the masterpiece, directing our listening flow of music and story through  the heart,  enabling the clarity of thought penetrate our feeling perception? MAGIC happens on this intensely resonating platform: concepts and ideas which hardened into […]

Eine Geige für Europa

INFO 3: Neue Terra Parzival Projektinformationen in Deutsch Mit den IDRIART-Kulturfestivals öffnete der Violinist Miha Pogačnik einst menschliche Begegnungsräume von Chartres bis in die ferne Mongolei. Nun will er mit seinem neuen Projekt „Terra Parzival“ seinem Heimatland Slowenien zu nachhaltiger Entwicklung und Europa zu einer Identität verhelfen.

Solving leadership dilemmas

Why is the creation of the musical-process resonance-platform environment so helpful for solving leadership dilemmas? Here is the creative polarity: The character of nature and genuine art is abundance and generosity. The pressure of the necessity of turbo economic model is scarcity and greed.  The musical masterpiece inspiration on the raised resonance-platform “unlocks” to executives […]

Excellence – a Goal for Management

EXCELLENCE is the goal for management. For us artists it is the starting point, we have always been STRIVING for nothing less than GENIUS. Our new challenging inspiration however is: extending formative forces of art to create a safe and vibrant learning environment for LEADERSHIP, to help leaders growing wings for solutions ABOVE unsolvable dilemmas! […]

A guiding star on the 2014 horizon

To my friends as a guiding star on the 2014 horizon: What is the difference between MASTERY and DILETTANTISM  (in leadership)? Goethe says: “Dilettant (painters) always complain: it is not finished, it is not finished, something is missing! MASTER is finished the FIRST stroke; it only needs to be COMPLETED!” Nobody is born with this […]

Mit Parzivals Hilfe – brand eins 01/2014

“Häufiger aber stehen hinter Veränderungen Menschen, die schöpferisch sein, etwas Einzigartiges, Neues, Ursprüngliches schaffen wollen. Das alles waren einmal Bedeutungen des Begriffs Originalität – und es ist eine interessante Frage, warum originell heute meist nur noch im Sinne von komisch oder eigenartig verwendet wird…Aber mit der Verfeinerung des Alten kommen wir nicht mehr weiter, wir […]