EUM Project


A journey towards a polyphonic European identity.

The overall strategy of this project is to profile and crystallize, through the very specific method of Miha Pogacnik, violinist and cultural ambassador of the republic of Slovenia, the unique cultural qualities of EU membership seeking western Balkans countries. Passing through Slovenia, the results are then introduced in EU institutions of Parliament, Commission and Committee of Regions in Brussels in May 2018.  The next phase is the support of further development  European idea and ideals through the EU regions in order to mobilise the interest for EU elections in 2019. In May 2017 the project already completed in Tirana, Prishtina, Skopje and Ljubljana. In May 2018 it will continue in Cetinje, Sarajevo and Belgrade with the conclusion in Brussels.
The specific creative disruptive method of the project: In every city 150 representatives of society (entrepreneurs, politicians, creatives, students etc)  are invited to sit among the players of the symphony orchestra and Miha Pogacnik performs and directs the participant’s attention to the organic evolutionary process of the classical masterpiece, linking interdisciplinary composition of music, “composition of society” with leadership development. Consequently the participants are inspired to share their perception of European values and ways of contributing to EU some unique qualities which can only originate in their particular regions. In the age of globalisation and digitalisation it is of vital importance to leverage the power of unique and specific cultures driving a dynamic balance of modern society! Debriefing and “heartstorming” at the end of each event is focused on 2 key questions: What kind of EU we would like to see emerge and what is our unique contribution? Results will be presented in EU institutions with policymakers seated among young musicians joining together from countries of the western Balkans and the EU. The experience of sitting “inside the music” greatly stimulates the imagination for reaching high ideals that are urgently needed in pursuit of a European vision beyond pragmatism and budgets, exposing and empowering the roots of “her” genius. This project offers the experience and insight into how to implement the formative forces of Art as a driving force for the transformation of economy and society, developing a specific European leadership style. A new renaissance emerging?
Miha Pogacnik
October 2017


The Orchestra Experience

Participants will be sitted among the players of Terra Parzival Symphony Orchestra and experience the process and performance of Beethoven Violin Concerto Op 61, violinist Miha Pogacnik ( ) , conductor Elmar Lampson, President of . Miha will, through his method of “performance disruption”, guide the participant’s attention to the archetypal “musical architecture of feelings”, exploring unique environment, a“transfer learning” for  leadership development. Is it possible to find solutions to the pressing organizational dilemmas in the paralel world of musical masterpiece? And, on a deeper level, is it possible to ignite, while experiencing musical drama  of classical Sonata Form, the healing of the contemporary omnipresent “crisis of meaning” , revisiting the sacred  of the human  creative biography?

After the performance and before the dinner,  there will be the possibility for debriefing experiences and observations of participants.

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