Resonance Platform – A New Method in Leadership Skills Building

This interactive coaching and educational method for creation of  “safe” places for open communication was developed by Miha Pogacnik and is based on a) use of formative forces of high art and culture (especially music and visual arts) as stimulus addressing emotional intelligence and creativity within each participant and b) Chladny effect  (a well known physical experiment with resonance, more on where expert moderator through targeted moderation and creation of artistic resonance helps participants to develop inner organization of cognitive and emotional processes in form of  their own awakened biographic structured ideas. This process results in enhanced capacity of group co-creation, heartstorming and solution-based learning.

The resonance platfrom method is recommended for groups up to 40 participants and can be performed by moderators who can demonstrate a high mastery of artistic performance and have adequate expert knowledge as well as experience in managerial skills building, phenomenology and artful leadership education.

You can find one example of Miha’s seminar using resonance platfrom method by clicking here.


*Photo credits: Christian Nagele.


If we place TRUST and INNOVATION in the centre of leadership development, then let me share with you what long life experiences have taught me:

No trust can arise if we don’t develop genuine and deep interest in another human being. And there is no real interest possible if our perceptions are dull, if we don’t clear and sharpen our senses to be able to perceive uniquness of every human being! And music is the best way to fine tune and restore our senses and meaning of life  to their glory.

That is why I belive my method of turning great genius musical masterpieces into “safe place” process  of “resonance platform” empowers  leaders to journey the whole cycle – from making sense perception alive, to extending trust and having innovative impact on both levels of sustainable business: on social responsibility AND bottom line!


Miha Pogacnik News

MBA, Master of Business ARTS

What is this unique and haunting quality  that can be experienced if we open up to the musical process of the masterpiece, directing our listening flow of music and story through  the heart,  enabling the clarity of thought penetrate our feeling perception? MAGIC happens on this intensely resonating platform: concepts and ideas which hardened into digital PowerPoint death suddenly regain flexibility and dynamics of life and irreconcilable dilemmas that went sour, find creative solutions!  On this level of active listening something happens that is not possible in “rational transaction”: the spark of inspiration jumps form masterpiece solutions to leadership solution! From position and opposition to composition! Fastest way to get above and beyond the target is daring the detour of musical resonance platform, value added!

Miha Pogacnik News

Solving leadership dilemmas

Why is the creation of the musical-process resonance-platform environment so helpful for solving leadership dilemmas? Here is the creative polarity: The character of nature and genuine art is abundance and generosity. The pressure of the necessity of turbo economic model is scarcity and greed.  The musical masterpiece inspiration on the raised resonance-platform “unlocks” to executives the access to their own wealth of deep inner re-sources, sparkling with creative and daring solutions!