Miha Pogačnik

Key-Note Speaking

My Key-Notes are an initiation to the power and creative impact of bridging Business with Art while exploring burning challenges of our times.

Let great Art become a Leadership Teacher in one of your events and unlock your audience’s deepest potential.

Past Keynotes

Popular past Key-Note themes

The Art of Leadership: from Excellence to Genius

Change Management: Disruptive Method

Creativity: The Key for Success in the Disruptive Economy

Passage through Fire: Creative Jump to the Next Level

HR: From Human Resources To Human Resonance 

Reinventing Identity: Europe an Unfinished Masterpiece

World 4.0: The power of Emotional Innovation for IT Leaders

Miha Pogačnik’s unique artistry enables him to navigate across multiple fields from Business & Economy to Politics & Social Artivism to Culture & Education. The Miha Method is for individuals and teams in leadership positions such as CEOs, Executive Boards, Top Management Teams in Business and Government, Organisational Development Experts, Executive Coaches, Training Specialists and HR Professionals, Lawyers, Mediators, Ombudsmen, Social Scientists, Artists and Cultural Entrepreneurs.

How it works

All Key-notes are custom-designed to effectively address audience needs.









Upon Application

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Flipchart stand with paper 

Low table next to Flipchart

5 tumblers (whiskey glasses)

Piano optional

On or off-the-stage event performed solo or in duo with concert piano.