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Engage in interdisciplinary leadership learning and shift the levels of engagement, performance & inspiration in your organisation.

Popular topics for Masterclasses

Change & Innovation 

Leadership Skills Building 

Engagement & Active listening 

« Leading from the Future » Skills Enhancement

Creativity & Inspiration in Business 

Teamwork & Motivation 

Emotional Intelligence & Whole Brain Thinking

Integrating Art & Business

Organizational & Human Development

Diversity & Inclusion

Transforming the « Titanic Syndrome » 

& many more..

How it works

All Masterclasses are custom-designed to effectively address audience needs.











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2 Flipchart stands with paper 

Low table next to Flipchart

5 tumblers (whiskey glasses)

Piano optional

Chairs in semicircle

Working tables

Buzz group corners

Circle for guided debriefings

Masterclasses I, II & Series for

Companies & Corporate Giants

Crack the codes of how to induce the Entrepreneurial Spirit in organizational development.

After a good briefing about the client company Miha integrates in his choice of musical masterpiece the essential elements of the client’s culture, vision, mission, challenges and ideas about change. He works through the formative forces of great Art and creates emotionally « safe » environments for open conversations, key competencies building, leadership skills development and problem solving. After the completion of his « creative detour » participants retreat in small groups and begin reflective conversations to transfer new insights to their personal and organizational situation. Only at the very end of the workshop, after gathering the participants’ insights aligned with the company objectives, the musical masterpiece is given the chance to be « resurrected » through a final performance. But this time, everyone is deeply engaged and truly listening. Miha also incorporates in his Method Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, solution-based experiential learning, the World Café Methodology, Heart-storming and various other facilitation tools depending on the situation.

Masterclass II builds on Masterclass I content. All « exotic » ideas that come out of Miha’s violin playing, speaking and painting process are recorded by an assistant. Participants make a photo with their smartphones of all that has emerged and then divide into groups. The objective is to transform this experience into a « Group Poem ». While they are co-creating the poem they simultaneously explore dramatic and absolutely unique ways to present it. Everyone gets intensely involved in the process. Each group is designated an observer to tell the story of their group struggle and articulate the sudden inspiration that triggered co-creation after each group’s performance. Ideas and the company’s challenges literally become alive after going through the processes of music, painting, poetry, drama, choreography and performance. The session closes with debriefing and exploring what value for the company and the given situation has been exposed through the « creative detour ». This is a very emotionally charged stage of the workshop as participants are truly opened up. It can become a « tectonic shift » of real change for the client company because everything present suddenly becomes a very personal issue. Miha closes the Masterclass with a performance which reflects the « Heroic Journey » of implementing new insights.

Leadership skills building in the era of digital transformation becomes a long term investment. Companies that value the importance of Miha’s work often opt for a series of four one-day masterclasses throughout the year. Similar to mentoring or coaching sessions, this format gives them the possibility, once per trimester, to apply the Masterclass II model and tailor it according to their employee’s and company’s emerging needs. In between sessions, the internal development personnel of the company shares with Miha the implementation of their learnings and mastering of challenges over four Zoom webinars.

The Series can lead to the creation of In-Company Inspiration Center offering a productive tension with the Board Room similar to how the heart relates to the brain.

« From Brainstorming to Heartstorming! »

Additional requirements: Piano and Pianist for Sessions II & III, potentially an Orchestra for Final Session.

Masterclasses B-School for

Business Schools & Higher Education

For Miha the Education of the Future lies in bridging the gaps between Disciplines, Cultures and Generations. As an Adjunct Professor of Arts & Leadership at the IEDC Bled School of Management and Lecturer in prestigious Business Schools he applies the Miha Method to enhance Business Learning with Artistic principles. Masterclasses B-School are designed for Business Schools in search of creating transformational and memorable Business Programs for the next generation of Business Executive Learning.

They have trusted us

Executive Learning becomes an internalized, sustainable experience beyond just cognitive understanding.

Miha’s « B-School » Masterclasses are for Business Schools seeking to enrich their Senior Executive Programs with innovative methods that skillfully embody the teachings. Change in learning is successful and sustainable when methodically supported by the art of emotional transfer between the disciplines of Art and Business.

The Miha Method, unique in its kind, is taught as a series of modules or yearly Masterclasses. The workshop overview is similar to the Business version Masterclasses I and II adapted to the Business Learning needs and requirements.

Masterclasses Europa for

Political Organisations & NGOs

Miha’s political vision involves strengthening the cultural landscape in Europe at a Regional level. He is Ambassador of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and runs NGOs Gandin Foundation and IDRIART for Social Artivism. Miha is a strong advocate that while Economy is global, the European cultural heritage is local, built upon language and Art. Masterclasses Europa challenge the pragmatic, political and economic approaches without forgetting the Soul of Europe and the ideal it represents worldwide. They are designed to use the Arts as a lens through which Europe becomes a polyphonic garden of genius expressions with each country defining its unique contribution in terms of Culture. 

They have trusted us

Introduce the Arts in the decision-making process of Politics as a driving force for the composition of Society. 

Miha’s « Europa » Masterclasses are for European Leaders and Politicians looking for a serious and unique perspective when it comes to Political action. Workshops involve deep, interdisciplinary leadership teachings from Miha himself. Art and Culture are given a new role in the Political agenda: to raise the level of conversations and solutions to the 

« Resonance Platform ».

The workshop overview is similar to the Business version Masterclasses I and II adapted to the Political environment and needs. It is about rediscovering the power and formative forces of European genius and ideals for real change.