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The Miha Method

The Miha Method aims to awaken the artistic principle in every human being and targets individuals in leadership positions. It relies on the power of great Art as a teacher and addresses common challenges and dilemmas regarding performance, motivation, inspiration, vision, direction, action with impact, trust, co-creation and creativity.

The Miha Method is for CEOs, Executive Boards, Top Management Teams in Business and Government, Organisational Development Experts, Executive Coaches, Training Specialists and HR Professionals, Lawyers, Mediators, Ombudsmen, Social Scientists, Artists and Cultural Entrepreneurs.

Because it is vital to free and inspire Leaders working in high tension situations to unlock their deepest potential and create together with purpose and vision.

4 Pilars
Natural Authority of
Real Art

Genius masterpieces are the ideal vehicle for unraveling organizational and leadership challenges using the formative forces of the Arts.

From Experience to

The real life journey of innovation and collaboration starts with direct knowing and requires emotional and whole brain understanding.

The Maslow Pyramid
on the Head

Vision emerges precisely when one learns to endure total discomfort and balance on the tip of the inverted pyramid for as long as possible.

The Resonance

That moment when the whole room breathes in sync the same breath while anchored in an individual space of purpose, trust and joy.

2 Principles
Decomposing & Recomposing

The ability to break apart, put back together and experience relationships, to open up strategies and make high tension situations productive with results.

Polarity & Intensification

The process of how the new emerges through embracing opposing and contradicting forces bringing creative solutions to the next level.

5 Expression Modes

Whether it is Bach, Brahms, Beethoven or Bartok, using his violin artistry as a catalyst, Miha delivers customized  « Leadership Concerts » based on his client’s priorities.


Whenever Miha needs to underscore a message or concept he swaps to flip chart illustrations taking his clients from auditory to visual experiences and back.


By positively knocking down modus operandi mental patterns Miha induces in his audience alertness, flexible thinking and the capacity for high achievement.


When his audience is too much in their heads Miha pulls their attention back using storytelling and humour to make sense of things and get his audience to connect with their hearts.


Miha’s business acumen and his capacity to creatively explore parallels between Art, Business, Politics and Society is at the heart of his facilitation process.

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