Miha Pogačnik

On Request Events

You are organising a special corporate event and would like Miha to boost it using the “Resonance Platform” ?

Make your event experience resonant “ Miha” Style.

A Client Event when boosted with the « Resonance Platform » usually includes a Key-note or one Leadership Resonance Masterclass I. During the Client Event which may last 1 or 2 Days Miha also makes the whole event experience « resonant » Miha style by introducing a few minutes short « Wake up Call » opening energisers and « Gathering Focus » interventions in between the sessions. It is possible to build a « reduced » Resonance Platform around the dinner time.

The Bonus Sessions are exceptional add-ons with Miha in unique locations, solo or in magical duos.

This out-of-the-box format is for Business, Politics, Youth or general events for « repositioning the role of the Arts ». Miha and Barcelona-based Pianist Diana Baker join forces since 1992 and take you into an unforgettable journey alternating musical process with stimulating conversations moderated by Miha. The inspiration and structure is drawn from timeless masterpieces by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Bartok and more.

« We start with lunch but we don’t know when we finish ». This special event is inspired by 19th century bohemic evenings in Vienna where leading minds from different fields of life (Artists, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Politicians) would get together and stimulate each other along with great music, food and wine. Participants find real meaning in life and organisations, unexpected soul-lutions to dilemmas and rediscover the essential lost threads in biography.

This duo format is an add-on for all Miha’s Key-Note performances and Resonance Leadership Masterclasses. When Miha and Adriana Von Runic perform together they tap into both their « Power Couple » and musical mastery. Miha with his unique method raises the audience to the Resonance Platform. Adriana gracefully and effortlessly invites the audience with her art form to experience their own vocal capacities individually and as a coherent group. The combination of the two is an explosive, magical adventure. Adriana is an International Music Teacher, Consultant and gifted Flute Player. She has worked extensively on the power of voice and the importance of signing for wellness and personal development.

This is an informal and profound musical session after the client event wrap-up if within the venue vicinity it is possible to play inside an old historic structure with natural acoustics such as ancient buildings, temples, chapels, cathedrals etc.

Whenever Miha was at a turning point in his life he gave himself exquisite self challenges that miraculously opened new doors for him. His love for playing inside the beautiful spaces of sacred Chapels and imposing Cathedrals goes a long way back. In 1980 playing his violin for the first time inside the Chartres Cathedral in France was for Miha a deeply spiritual experience. Rather than him playing his violin it felt like the periphery, the Cathedral itself was playing on his soul. When Miha turned 43 years old, his birthday wish was instead of roses to « get to perform in 43 Cathedrals in 43 days » leading to his birthday. This tour was organized by his friends and colleagues and Miha played Bach sonatas in all those Cathedrals all over Europe. It was on that « Tour» that Miha got the « call » for castle Borl Ankenstein with the Grail Story in the country of his origin Slovenia. Much later, in 2011 this lead to the name « Terra Parzival » bearing memory of the profound story of King Parzival in his relation to the Arthurian stories in the west.


Miha has played in over 100 most beautiful Cathedrals and Temples of the world culminating in the Cheops Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt - a one of its kind resonance chamber. Sitting through entire Bach Solo-sonatas and Partitas played by Miha in « one breath » is a cosmic experience. Miha usually starts with a short introduction into the living organism of Bach’s giant opus and then plays for two and a half hours uninterrupted. To know more about his next « pilgrimage » press APPLY NOW.

How it works

All On-Request Events use the Miha Method with 

add-on bonus sessions as part of a bigger client event.






A 1 or 2 DAY Client Event

Up to 100 + 


Upon Application

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2 Flipchart stands with paper 

Low table next to Flipchart

5 tumblers (whiskey glasses)

Piano optional

Chairs in semicircle

Working tables

Buzz group corners

Circle for guided debriefings