TERRA PARZIVAL is an innovative approach to social and economical development, implemented in the mostly rural region of NE Slovenia called Lower Styria. Blessed with natural and cultural beauties, the region struggles with high enemployment, especially among yung people (more than 42% of youngsters under 35 are without jobs). Offering them innovative socially responsible employment opportunities through mythological tourism, eco-projects, biodynamic sustainable food production and use of renewal energies and yet developing a sense of solidarity and co.creation among business and non-profit sectors is aim of Terra Parzival; a daring project that is putting the formative forces of Art into the very core of economical development!

If succesful, the whole region, hiding in itself a great Grail story of legedary round table knight Parzival, could be a model of a European regional development. A model that from periphery can give hope to Europe, an unfinished masterpeace…

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terra parzival_borl_castleWith annual donation of 10.000 EUR or more you will become a Honorary Member of Terra Parzival while your organization will be listed and linked in all our publications (end events). You/your organisation will also get a free admision for one person in all our top masterclassess and events!

Become an Investor in Terra Parzival legal subjects which we intend to establish together with you on issues of sustainalbility, integral economy and solidarity, and help us create new European model of development.

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