Biography Dilemma: Success?

This dilemma goes throug all my life: requests for CV!

Each time one CV is written or re-written I feel, this is not “me”. I am sure you feel the same. How do we capture that which really wants to be born into our stream of life, with which we want to indentify ? How do we acknowledge the humbling insight that despite our  personal busy and active life it is always unexpected gift from the periphery which corrects, directs, sometimes painfully destroys and also uplifts to a new  inspired and meaningful phase?   How do we expose our failures to be appreciated as essential on the learning journey towards a high and far distant ideal of becoming composer of one’s own “biography as masterpiece”? Reading CV’s floating around, so much success everywhere!!  Is it really so that everyone only wants to read about success? What about “success trap”? When 30 years ago we were “successful” creating Chartres festival, many advised me to continue that way, inviting “right” people to be invited back by them, beginning the old pattern of “trade” for great “carreer”! NO!- was my decision, sensing success-trap and instead starting something new and never done before : to encourage the audiences to travel with me and my colleague artists to the crisis areas of the world and….IDRIART movement was born!  And with castle Borl 21 years ago: many strongly advised: let go with this pile of old rocks! And we persisted instead. And now Borl, Terra Parzival Grail story memory bearing, is emerging as a beacon on the path towards the polyphonic European identity. Since the departure in Chartres the “shepperds dilemma” persisted: “how to tell the overwhelming experience?”- which does not fit in the traditional CV format? How to learn and accept that it is the signature of our multiple crisis ridden transition time when the emerging future educates us: Every time start anew! You can not rely on any past “success”! Learn to stand in and act out of the “zero point”!

Yet, if one has lived a life long enough, one can  turn back and  gratefully perceive the gift of mysterious order in biographic rhythms, never consiously persued.  Let me try with an example of this outgoing year 2013, for me and many of my friends  truly a transition year:

I can observe seven highlights, very personal transitions in 2013. The first one in January, is connected with 21 years rhythm:

*Six solosonatas and partitas by J.S. Bach  are the “Bible” for every violinist under the sun! All my life I have been learning to stand within this encompassing, living organism, this music – cosmos, learning to translate this archetypal musical formative forces to different domains of human persuit! Here originates my conviction that it is the formative principle of arts, capable to influence and chrystalise the re-composition of society if, for instance, raised to the method of  Macro Violin Resonance Platform!

In 1971 good fortune made possible for me to perform  these six masterpieces in Bielefeld, Germany, not knowing the proximity of  EXTERNSTONES in Teutoburg Forest, ancient  Germanic sacred initiation caves  dug in solid rock. There and then I felt for the first time that  becoming a violinist does not need to be determined by centuries old tradition! What was the call? Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival story was given to me  and  “onion peeling method”  was born: to keep peeling off what I don’t want when life presents different options, – all the way to the core! Chartres and IDRIART movement resulted.

And 21 years later, in 1992? Searching for new horizons, with Bach sonatas in 43 Europa’s cathedrals and sacred places, it was again at Externstones where the “call of Castle Borl-Ankenstein”, ancestral home of Parzival dynasty, reached me.

*And, certainly with no conscious intention, destiny led me again to play at Externstones this January 2013: Next 21 years? Yes! Terra Parzival, European region build upon foundation stone of Parzival’s QUESTION, generating empathy and solidarity!

So… this was the first of 2013 seven transitions. And the other six?

**At Easter time, in April, we celebrated in  Chartres cathedral  33 years of the first concert there in 1980, which genereted a huge response with the birth of Chartes Festival d’Ete and IDRIART. Will there be “octave” surge in 2014?

***In the beginning of June  treshold was crossed in my biography, to personal to tell, but reader, if you ask me, I will tell you directly.

****On July 10th  Co-Creation of Terra Parzival Macro Violin was inagurated with decisive support of fellow Slovenians!

*****On July 17th was the TP Questival culmination and transformational experience with symphony orchestra  sit-in process-performance in the TEMPLE, the Chrystal Hall of Rogaska Slatina, where healing waters of the hidden lake within “Mont-Zal-Wotch” come to the surface.

******End of September, on Michaelmas, performance in the King’s Chamber of the Cheops Pyramid in Gizeh, Egypt and

*******On December 7th celebrating 30 years of IDRIART with my dear friends and colleagues in castle Borl, together crossing the treshold of the new emerging cycle, saying YES! – to the challenging Terra Parzival vision!

Yours, Miha