The Orchestra Experience

Participants will be sitted among the players of Terra Parzival Symphony Orchestra and experience the process and performance of Beethoven Violin Concerto Op 61, violinist Miha Pogacnik ( ) , conductor Elmar Lampson, President of . Miha will, through his method of “performance disruption”, guide the participant’s attention to the archetypal “musical architecture of feelings”, exploring unique environment, a“transfer learning” for  leadership development. Is it possible to find solutions to the pressing organizational dilemmas in the paralel world of musical masterpiece? And, on a deeper level, is it possible to ignite, while experiencing musical drama  of classical Sonata Form, the healing of the contemporary omnipresent “crisis of meaning” , revisiting the sacred  of the human  creative biography?

After the performance and before the dinner,  there will be the possibility for debriefing experiences and observations of participants.

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