University of Luxembourg: Research Across Boundaries


Miha is Cultural Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, President and Founder of the Institute for Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts (IDRIART) and Managing Director of Ecoculture SECS. After completing a Fulbright Scholarship, Miha’s intellectual curiosity, joie de vivre and vision to position the arts as a driver for social change, led him to step outside the parameters of a classical concert violinist. Why? Because … “the linear and rational must fuse with inspiration, beauty and passion for change to be implemented.”

On our journey to “discover common concerns and stimulating differences regarding advanced boundary-crossing research approaches,” we will after two days of parallel sessions, wish to make a transition to making sense of our conversations as a whole. To do this we will take a detour in order to cross yet another boundary and give ourselves time for both perspective and process. The boundary we will cross is one from the theoretical and academic orientations of our focus to the world of great music.

Miha tells us that:

“My teaching tool is the violin performance. I “decompose” masterpieces (taking apart, directing attention, commenting and putting together again) to help participants to hear and experience exactly the musical evolution. I support this with symbolic painting of the emerging process, conversations with participants and performance. Therefore my presentation can be seen as “creative detour,” exploring hidden potentials through the “parallel process” of great masterpieces of music. Once musical patterns are explored then I help participants discover in creative ways the relevance of these experiences as potential solutions to their own dilemmas.”

This detour will take us outside the boundaries of our prior conversations, where we will find archetypical themes that can seed our knowledge café, open space and plenary meaning making to come. Miha’s breadth of knowledge spans many boundaries, and his passion and enthusiasm for creating transformative experiences will help us transform and internalize the content of the previous sessions in truly intimate and personal way.