The Orchestra Experience

Participants will be sitted among the players of Terra Parzival Symphony Orchestra and experience the process and performance of Beethoven Violin Concerto Op 61, violinist Miha Pogacnik ( ) , conductor Elmar Lampson, President of . Miha will, through his method of “performance disruption”, guide the participant’s attention to the archetypal “musical architecture of feelings”, exploring unique environment, a“transfer learning” for  leadership development. Is it possible to find solutions to the pressing organizational dilemmas in the paralel world of musical masterpiece? And, on a deeper level, is it possible to ignite, while experiencing musical drama  of classical Sonata Form, the healing of the contemporary omnipresent “crisis of meaning” , revisiting the sacred  of the human  creative biography?

After the performance and before the dinner,  there will be the possibility for debriefing experiences and observations of participants.

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Highlights from Miha Pogacnik’s global transformational journey in 2015

Looking back on adventurous 2015, let me share with you some highlights starting with the last….

Bringing Masterpieces to life at the corporate podiums worldwide

I again delivered, as every year, a Leadership Resonance Masterclass® – workshop style learning module for the BOSCH Gmbh leaders in Berlin. Because of relatively small group of VP level participants we could explore the creative “translation” of music masterpiece’s deep emotional impact into poetry, which was created by participants in small teams: While all content related to the corporate values! It felt like we are well on the way towards a formula for executive learning beyond only information, transiting knowledge to wisdom, striving beyond excellence towards genius!


“Driven by passion” with Fiat-Chrysler Group

For the second time I was part of the annual FCA Group leaders meeting in Serbia at the Lake Bor. Together we spend two days with various interactive and creative exercises, encouraging attendees’ artistic expression to reach higher teamwork and leadership level through my “Transformational Leadership and Teambuilding Journey”. Next year they will be sitting in the symphony orchestra, among the players, to explore my “symphonic organization” methodology!

Making the world a better place with MAHLE Foundation

One of most valuable experiences of the year came through a request for my support during the 50 years celebration of MAHLE Foundation in Stuttgart, extraordinary organization supporting diverse future bearing fields arising from the work of Rudolf Steiner: Education, arts, health, agriculture and beyond. You might be interested in this solution: Imagine the challenge of almost a dozen official speeches on the the opening
night, who can listen attentively through all that? The solution was my Resonance Platform Event Support Model®: Between the speeches we “inserted” short moderated musical magic moments with my wonderful pianist Diana Baker and the concentration could last for the rest on the programme! My final concert in the packed chapel is not easy to describe: suddenly many people approached me who traveled the world with me
in 80’s and 90’s during some of our 200 intercultural IDRIART festivals before the turn of the millennium…. another long story of the power of music during social upheavals…

50 years celebration of MAHLE Foundation
New workshop for IT LEADERS recommended by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple

In 2015 I also delivered two insightful performances at leading IT events: IBM Business Connect 2015 in Cologne and Gartner Identity Access Management (I AM) Summit in London which were the birth-place of new workshop: World 4.0: The power of Emotional Innovation for IT Leaders. All about the inner balance and double growth…


The context for talent development is critical! It was amazing educational experience for my clients and myself during the one-day Developing Talents Workshop with top UBS IT professionals in Wolfsberg, Switzerland. Musical process-performance supplemented with other art methods greatly stimulates creativity and change in human being. Enthusiastic feedback confirmed the value of this creative team-building method: “So unique and different! Highly engaging! Seminar like no other!”


Miha supporting consultants worldwide

My musical method is getting highly recognized among consultants who often invite me to support the events of their clients. In October, for instance, I truly enjoyed working with a creative consulting group Peoplerise who also use Otto Scharmer’s Theory U model in their workshops. Music speaks directly to the feelings and my method brings the masterpiece structure alive, making the leadership journey unforgettable experience and inner force for change. This was the musical impulse for ELECTROLUX sales force leadership. Also in October I supported in a similar way my colleagues consultants at ICG, Integrated Consulting Group Learning Days in Cologne. Deep learning requires the next level consciousness change and music, through my “interruptive method”, does it!


It is always great joy for us artists to meet with business leaders in creative atmosphere. Musical strategy experience inspires conversations to the higher level of meaning, resulting in the flow of unique business ideas. My friend Anders Indset invited me to perform for a group of executives from Montagsgesellschaft e.V. community in Frankfurt in September, entitled “Dinner with Friends”, and it really felt like it!

One of worlds’ favorite corporate speakers…

Key-note motivational speeches, moderated workshops and ‘Midnight Concerts’ following his presentations have resulted in consistent stream of
enthusiastic feedback and standing ovations!

“Speaking to you, dear HR leaders, it feels like coming back home. Let us consider r e s o n a n c e as the key enabler for your profession, develop Human Resonance!” this is how I greeted the distinguished HR leaders from around the world at the Talent Management stream within the prestigious European event “HR Core Lab” in Barcelona, where my speech was highest rated among all other speakers.

And more in Barcelona: I presented for the academic faculty of the renowned IESE Business School, where I have been supporting the IESE-HARVARD-CEIBS Chinese Global CEO programme for many years.
In Barcelona I also delivered my “Passage Through the Fire” lecture for Novartis Pharma European leadership, who invited me again this autom to speak at their leadership meeting in Villach, Austria.

Developing Talents Workshop with top UBS IT professionals in Wolfsberg, Switzerland


MY Innovation: aiming for organizational masterpiece…

“Managers target excellence. For the artist, excellence is only a starting point – artist’s visionary goal is genius”…”only the impossible is truly practical!”
Unlocking imagination with my musical method, in Wuppertal I enabled the synergy of science and art with a leading German engineers association at the VDI Impulsgespraeche event.
During my opening key-note speech at the prestigious Gartner Identity Summit London 2015 I “translated” processes of classical music into the realm of business transformation, helping modern organizations face changes and challenges in disruptive economy.
My Resonance Platform Event Support Model came to life at the “Celebrating Life! Celebrating Soil!” Eosta Event in Amsterdam, as a part of the UN International Year of Soils.
It was an adventurous pleasure to be part of the C-Talks kick-off event, the leading peer-to-peer organization for C-level executives in Switzerland. “Congratulations, I am impressed by your performance, the best I have seen for a long time!” is what one of the guests, CEO of Mövenpick wrote afterwards.

Striving for GENIUS RESULTS with top brand clients…

Working with VP level of Bosch, Fiat and Weidplas leadership, my method of engaging formative forces of different art disciplines proved very helpful for participants generating their own, original solutions. My outreach to insurance industry was highlighted in 2015 with successful support at Baloise.

After helping Portugal’s top brand Portucel Soporcel with generating innovation, the company’s CEO exclaimed at the end: “We appreciate highly your captivating way of customizing your method, this is very helpful for our transformation journey!

One of world’s much in-demand corporate speakers…

In Cancun, Mexico, my popular “Business Sonata” was highly appreciated by the audience, leading global event organizers and industry professionals at the World Meeting Forum 2015.

Pursuing solutions to global financial challenges…

In the forefront of massive European monetary challenge, Hellenic Managers’ Association invited me to be the key-note speaker at the “Manager of The Year” award ceremony in Athens, Greece, encouraging the leadership to find innovative solutions for disruptive economy.

Brreton Woods IV Convocation

My interest in working with global financial institutions over the years recently led me to a very creative session with the global private markets investment management, Partners Group. My musical thinking quite naturally resulted in the question about our global monetary system and I began exploring with my colleagues “the challenging call” of evolving this system from monoculture to “polyphonic” ecosystem.


THE MUSICAL method goes “mainstream” in academic curriculum

I continued introducing musical ideas for interdisciplinary curriculum at St. Gallen Business School and IEDC – Bled School of Management, where i serve as adjunct professor of Arts and Leadership. And during 2015 I gave again a presentation at 1492 Game Changer event in Altausee, Austria, a brilliant idea of Michael Hengl, who is the founder of 1492.//School of Business where I serve on the board of directors.


The next big thing…

Two in-house corporate workshops for two leading corporations in Dubai were the birthplace of INSPIRE DUBAI SOUL Expo 2020 Resonance Platform.

Dedicated to helping communities transform and grow…

As in the past, it have been my passion to actively participate in many special private events, co-creating visionary ideas with colleagues in the business, political, social and cultural scene. My special diplomatic mission as Slovenian Cultural Ambassador evolved over years to a very specific support of Slovenia’s business diplomacy.
‘Events bring people together and when people come together innovation and collaboration happens. Miha led a workshop in London for a number of change makers in the event industry, which created the foundation for an ongoing conversation on how events can transform our world’

Resonance Platform – A New Method in Leadership Skills Building

This interactive coaching and educational method for creation of  “safe” places for open communication was developed by Miha Pogacnik and is based on a) use of formative forces of high art and culture (especially music and visual arts) as stimulus addressing emotional intelligence and creativity within each participant and b) Chladny effect  (a well known physical experiment with resonance, more on where expert moderator through targeted moderation and creation of artistic resonance helps participants to develop inner organization of cognitive and emotional processes in form of  their own awakened biographic structured ideas. This process results in enhanced capacity of group co-creation, heartstorming and solution-based learning.

The resonance platfrom method is recommended for groups up to 40 participants and can be performed by moderators who can demonstrate a high mastery of artistic performance and have adequate expert knowledge as well as experience in managerial skills building, phenomenology and artful leadership education.

You can find one example of Miha’s seminar using resonance platfrom method by clicking here.


*Photo credits: Christian Nagele.

Invited to Transformational Leadership and Terra Parzival Executive Quest!

Cordially invited to join me and my expert colleagues at Transformational Leadership and Terra Parzival Executive Quest which will take place on July 2 – 5 2014 in the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

Who should attend?
This unique journey is geared towards those concerned with the emerging future in front of us. It is for everyone who is seeking to have their creative mindsets challenged and expanded. In particular, the module is tailored for experienced professionals and executives who have core responsibilities for strategy, vision, creativity and innovation in their organizations.

Interested companies or individuals please contact Ms. Elena Begant,  or on GSM +386 31577971

For the detailed programme and info how to apply please follow

Transformational Leadership and Executive Quest 2014

more info also on IEDC Bled – School of Management .

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Yours, Miha


Miha Pogacnik News

MBA, Master of Business ARTS

What is this unique and haunting quality  that can be experienced if we open up to the musical process of the masterpiece, directing our listening flow of music and story through  the heart,  enabling the clarity of thought penetrate our feeling perception? MAGIC happens on this intensely resonating platform: concepts and ideas which hardened into digital PowerPoint death suddenly regain flexibility and dynamics of life and irreconcilable dilemmas that went sour, find creative solutions!  On this level of active listening something happens that is not possible in “rational transaction”: the spark of inspiration jumps form masterpiece solutions to leadership solution! From position and opposition to composition! Fastest way to get above and beyond the target is daring the detour of musical resonance platform, value added!