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Why do Miha Pogacnik’s innovative workshops have such sustainable impact?


Organisations focus on process and technology, but change succeeds only with people and culture.

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To initiate and successfully sustain the momentum of change, the organisation needs fresh ideas inspired by and embodied in deep experience! Miha Pogacnik developed a journey in 4 stages, a “creative detour” for teams to reach their peak performance and breakthrough impact.

1)    With his unique method of interruptive performance of a violin masterpiece, Miha enables participants to follow and experience the musical evolution as a leadership journey through various stages. The powerful universal language of music, permeated with the company’s specific change messages, elevates everyone to the “resonance platform.”Miha supports this process by painting on the flipchart. Ideas flowing out of this exciting audio-visual experience are also recorded for later. At the end all participants feel sufficiently “out-of-the-box” to share their personal and professional insights openly and in a very different light.

2)    Participants are divided in different teams. In each team there is a “sculptor” and an “observer”. The teams co-create, under the guidance of a sculptor, a “social sculpture”: an inventive, beautiful and sometimes funny group activity, expressing without words the transition from the dilemma-ridden current organisational situation to the desired future. The observer watches the creative process to tell the story later. After completing (and practicing the performance of) the social sculpture, participants enter the “poetic mood” to co-create a poem, drawing on ideas from musical experience, the sculpture, and, above all, their organisation’s vision, mission and values.

3)   Plenary performance: their creations complete, all teams perform for each other. After each performance the observers tell the story of team’s creative process, struggle and breakthrough moments. This session of performance releases enormous energy, much learning and KEY insights.It is also a lot of fun—many taboos are broken in an easy and playful way! In the following intermission the teams’ observers together make one poem out of all the teams’ poems, highlighting the golden thread and condensing the meaning!

4)    Debriefing and final performance in plenary: The mood at this stage is difficult to describe—many remarkable ideas buzz through the space and inspire the participants. Miha Pogacnik gives the final performance reflecting the inner path of leading transformation and observers present the final poem, a very moving experience, a new vision.

The artistic expression of change ideas inspires teams and empowers sustainable transformation!

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A minimum of 5 hours are needed for this to unfold. However, it can go deeper if the whole day is available. A90 minute plenary session is possible, but without the benefit of breakout sessions. The shorter time allows for 3 steps: a keynote, interaction with participants and performance.

A daylong workshop can stand on its own, or it can be incorporated into a corporate university programme. Ultimately such a workshop can initiate or reinforce the transformation process organisation-wide. The ideas and process inspire the participants to create a change-prototype: a catalyst with the powerful potential to create cascading benefits throughout the organisation.

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