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May 2nd 2017 till May 9th 2018

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The EU is facing  a severe identity crisis that can not be solved only through the economic and political process. It is now the right moment to introduce the “resonance platform” methodology through the third force, the power of culture. Let us consider the power of genius Art creations, emerging over thousands of years from our beautifully diverse and colourful cultural tapestry, defining the pathway towards a “polyphonic” European identity!  Our innovative “resonance platform” will gather the most effective cultural elements to encourage the idealism and enthusiasm so much lacking in the current perception of European potential, exposing the urgency for co-creation of  “polyphonic” identity!  We artists have decades of experience, evidence and knowledge of effectively supporting the leadership transformation in the sphere of economy. Deep power of culture is called upon to give the meaning and direction to the economy and politics!
For more on concept: http://mihavision.com/musical-leadership-strategy-video/

Short Description of the Project:

The “Journey towards polyphonic European identitywill unfold in 3 phases. The first phase will begin on May 2017: Tirana May 2nd, Pristina May 3rd, skopje May 4th, the Castle Borl (Slovenia) May 6/7 and conclusion in Ljubljana on May 9th. The second phase will consist of one  year long “gathering” and connecting cultural substance throughout EU regions and bringing thus the empowering resonance platform to the final stage: May 2nd to the 9th 2018, Podgorica/Cetinje, Sarajevo, Belgrade and finale in Brussels.
In every capital city of the Western Balkans the invitation will be issued by Slovenian Embassy, the EU Delegation and  local partners to ca. 150 participants representing different (especially creative-) aspects of society, who will offer insights for EU. Two main questions will be pursued: firstly, “What kind of EU do we wish to join?”, and secondly, “What is our deepest cultural substance we wish to contribute to the EU identity?” As we know history teaches us: “Innovation often comes unexpected from a periphery”! Therefore the strong message from the Western Balkans as the European periphery will be produced during this project.
Each event will unfold in 3 stages:
1)   Establishing an inspirational “resonance platform” to
2)   Enable participants to generate creative European identity ideas, and
3)   Celebrate unique local contribution for a “Polyphonic European Identity”.

Stage 1: At the beginning of each event, participants will be sitting AMONG the players of the host country’s national symphony orchestra. Miha Pogačnik will create the “resonance platform” with his disruptive methodology, using Beethoven violin concerto. He will simultaneously perform violin solo part, comment and paint the process of the masterpiece on a large canvas. This is a specific interdisciplinary method, where the intense and emotional experience of a musical masterpiece is “transferred” to the societal field, generating new productive solutions for our common ideal of “Europe: Unfinished Masterpiece”, enabling the emergence of new methods and solutions and strengthening the essence of the European idea.
Three movements of the violin concerto will unfold this way: firstly, movement (interdisciplinary process and performance) will create VERY intense experience for participants, therefore they will have debriefing immediately while they are still sitting among musicians. Then there will be the concluding performance of the second and third movement of the concerto. In this methodology, participants are stimulated to offer their profound insights while surrounded by music!  It is truly “out-of-the-box” change of the perspective: creative results guaranteed!!

Stage 2: Orchestra leaves the stage and participants will sit in concentric circles for a moderated “generative” conversation, kind of “open space”. We will encourage cultural ministries in each country to prepare an exhibition of “universally acknowledged genius” representing each country. This exhibition will be surrounding the event, offering stimulation for good results of the open space conversation.

Stage 3: Celebration! Informal dinner/refreshments, conversations and presentation of some of the most autochthonous aspects of local culture and tradition.
All events will be filmed and nationally transmitted, the results will be needed for the continuation of the project till May 2018. In order to reach more people, especially young generation, we will encourage a direct transmission to some public areas easily accessed. The direct participation limitation of 150 is because this is the maximum of people that can sit among and around the 42 musicians of the symphony orchestra.
The idea for the finale in Brussels EU Commission on May 9th 2018: The orchestra will consist of 6 young players from each of 7 countries orchestras involved. The entire project will also support the “2018, European Year of Cultural Heritage”. The whole project is a unique combination of art, creativity, diplomacy and business.

MIHA POGACNIK, Cultural Ambassador of the Republicof Slovenia
Adjunct Professorof Artsand Leadership, IEDC, BLED SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT
Postgraduate Studies
L-5365 Munsbach, 13, rue Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg
Tel. ++352 661 485 158