May 2nd 2017 till May 9th 2018

There is great change in the air as the world moves to multipolar reality. In this context it is urgent to look at Europa  and “her” essence with renewed eyes and perspective. One could compare human experience of 100 years as ONE year in the biography of European identity, therefore, going back to the mythical times when Europa, riding  Zeus-bull, landed on Crete. We could say, Europa  now reached the age of about 42 years, which in the archetypal  human biography represents the turning point towards serious and responsible life! The fact that EU is currently drifting and shaking in its foundations is the symptom, the cause can be found in the tragedy that we forgot “our story”. Increasingly young generations live from day to day, their identity seem to be “google and I-PAD” , digitalized thinking lost its wings to soar to the summits of imagination and inspiration where we experience our deep sources, like for example  Prometheus-Beethoven fire enkindling  the fire of I AM on European soil.

What is it that lies at the root of Europa? What kind of source it is? It is thousands of years of genius creations which, by their very nature, qualify as societal formative forces above time! If I look at Britain I see Shakespeare, if I look at Germany I see Goethe, at Slovenia: Presern and on and on: Hundreds of lightenings connecting heavens and European landscapes, crystalizing folk-genius within diversity of cultures! This cultural tapistery of  our continent  evolving in syncronicity with the European polyphonic music over thousand of years. Polyphony: Out of productive tension of contrapoint the inner space emerged, this sacred inner space, the melting point of soul, only accesable to the purified experience of human heart! “Verinnerlichung” (“the path towards the magic human state of inwardeness”), the most profound European innovation, the call from the emerging future! Age of Artists is emerging, maybe second wave of Renaissance, this time in the reverse order: Not bankers sponsoring Art, but formative forces of Art beginning to help people caught in the wheels of the global economy, art sponsoring business, transforming economic reality into its original reason to exist:  economy to serve human ultimate need, the need and  challenge of attaining free personality, and not to deform one’s soul forces in order to “fit” into the wheels of global economy!

Here is the starting point of our poject Europa Unfinished Masterpiece: Two Europeans, Miha Pogacnik, artist-diplomat and Milan Jazbec, diplomat-artist joined forces and invited many  to introduce dynamics of formative forces of Art as they begin to build inspirational bridges between European economy, politics and culture. Journey towards polyphonic European identity! Is it possible to de-compose and re-compose society in a similaer way as it has proven fruitful in our decades long work within economy: taking dynamics of musical masterpieces and transfering it interdisciplinary  for transformation  of leadership and organisations? If we look at the current identity  crisis within EU, we can perceive overdose of pragmatism, cinicizm and negativity. Fire of idealism is missing , a powerful drive for practical utopia! EU started mostly with economic-political idea and now, as the identity (for holding all stakeholders together) is at stake, it is the moment to reintroduce the blazing fire of Art as interdisciplinary, transgenerational and intercultural force, connecting through the regions of the continent with the strategy: Art humanising economic culture first (high above the waves of digitalisation), and the rest will follow! Not only Europa, also most of our respected enterprises forgot their story, their souces, their WHY.

WE start in May 2017 with the project in western Balkans, fire is missing up north and in the west! Tirana-Prishtina-Skopje (May 2-3-4, 2017) and then renewing the function of love, of “beloved”, of “Ljubljana” (means in Slovenian language “beloved”) (May 9th, 2017) to direct the emerging stream of the European masterpiece to all EU regions for one year till May 2018. At the start, the representatives of western Balkan societies will be sitting in the symphony orchestras to experience the dynamics and content of the musical masterpiece with the goal to formulate new questions to the awakening of the “spiritual biography of Europa as unfinished masterpiece”. And on this path of beginning we will stop and reflect the ancient European  Grail story in Terra Parzival, the mythical lanscape in Eastern Slovenia. (May 6/7, 2017) Then in the beginning of May 2018 the project will conclude in the pattern of this year’s beginnings, but on the higher octave: in Cetinje, Sarajevo, Belgrade and then grand finale  in the EU parliament in Brussels, young players from western Balkans constituting the orchestra  and among them sitting decision makers of EU, at least those who have the “ears to hear”! The beauty of the project is the fact that one year between beginning and the end is completely open for the creative emergance on all possible societal levels of EU. Identity-fire torch spilling through all EU regions! Too long have we been running our organisations and countries according to the principle of “business as usual”. With this project we want to give the “impossible”, the “urgently different” the essence of humanity, its opportunity and chance!

Miha Pogacnik

MIHA POGACNIK, Cultural Ambassador of the Republicof Slovenia
Adjunct Professorof Artsand Leadership, IEDC, BLED SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT
Postgraduate Studies
L-5365 Munsbach, 13, rue Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg
Tel. ++352 661 485 158